Reinsalu and Pompeo in a joint statement: the bilateral cooperation of the United States and Estonia is increasing

Yesterday 8 October, Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu met with the Secretary of State of the United States Mike Pompeo. At the meeting, the Foreign Minister and the Secretary of State discussed current international affairs and bilateral cooperation, and agreed on an enhanced cooperation between Estonia and the United States on transatlantic and regional security, as well as cybersecurity, the Three Seas Initiative, and the protection of religious freedom, affirming this commitment in a joint statement.

“The main directions in Estonia’s foreign policy include bolstering relations with the United States and reinforcing NATO as well as encouraging further cooperation between the European Union and the United States. Considering the changing circumstances in the world, the unique transatlantic bond between the United States and Europe is the most solid support for ensuring our security and protecting our values,” Reinsalu said, referring to the memorandum adopted by the Government of Estonia on enhancing relations with the United States. The Foreign Minister added that strengthening alliances is a constant and never-ending process, demonstrated by the joint statement of the Foreign Minister and the Secretary of State, whereby the two countries wish to enhance their cooperation in several specific areas.

In the joint statement, Estonia and the United States affirm their commitment to NATO’s collective defence and the need to further strengthen the Alliance. According to the statement, Estonia and the United States will soon sign an agreement that sets common objectives on 5G technology. Estonia will also join the International Religious Freedom Alliance, which is headed by its founding member the United States.

Speaking about the Three Seas Initiative, Reinsalu said that it was a good opportunity for the countries to bolster their transatlantic bond and encourage the faster development of our region. “Hosting the summit of the Initiative in Estonia next year will also raise our profile and indirectly boost the development of economic relations, and a more efficient cooperation between the public and private sector,” the Foreign Minister said, adding that the summit would also contribute to the development of strategic relations between the partners in the region. The joint statement affirms the support of the United States for Estonia’s efforts in its preparation for the Three Seas Initiative summit.

The Foreign Minister and the Secretary of State reaffirmed the need to support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and Georgia, and maintain a unified position of the West when it comes to Russia, including on sanctions.

Foreign Minister Reinsalu also gave a speech at the event organised by The Heritage Foundation think tank and focused on transatlantic cooperation and security; he also attended a round table discussion on Russia.

On 9 October, the Foreign Minister will meet with National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, and the agenda includes cyber and security cooperation. Reinsalu will also attend a round table organised by the Atlantic Council with a focus on the Three Seas Initiative and its summit, scheduled to take place in Estonia next year.

The last meeting between the Foreign Minister of Estonia and the Secretary of State of the United States took place in 2016.

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