Defence Co-operation

Involvement of the United States in European security cooperation is central for both Estonian and European security. For Estonia the strong transatlantic link means the military presence of the United States in Europe, cooperation within NATO and relationship between the US and the EU. Good relations between Estonia and The United States strengthen the transatlantic cooperation and ensure the stability and development of the Euro- Atlantic region based on common values.

Close defense ties with the US is the cornerstone of Estonian security policy. Cooperation includes many fields like training, military exercises, procurement, defense industry, participation at international operations, cyber defense and cooperation projects involving the Nordic and Baltic countries. Defense cooperation is legally based on the cooperation memorandum on defense and military relations signed between the two Ministries of Defense. In 2017 The Estonian Parliament ratified the defense cooperation agreement between the Republic of Estonia and the United States, that regulates the legal status of members of US military forces, their family members and dependents.