Foreign Ministry invites Estonians across the world to take part in a diaspora survey 

The aim of the survey is to get a better insight into the wishes and needs as well as expectations of our compatriots abroad for the services offered or planned by the state.

“I am very happy to announce the in-depth survey of our communities abroad that would help us get an overview of people born in or connected to Estonia, background and attitudes towards our country. This will also support our policy-making and planned activities in the diaspora domain. I believe the results will contribute to the good cooperation and communication between the state and our more distant communities. In geographical terms, our people abroad may be living away from Estonia but they are equally a part of our society and nation,” Foreign Minister Eva-Maria Liimets said.

“There is no previous survey of this kind in Estonia involving all Estonians living abroad and compatriots,” Kristjan Kaldur, Project Manager at the Institute of Baltic Studies, said. “Every compatriot has the chance to describe their lives abroad and provide feedback for shaping policies aimed at expat Estonians, which is why we urge all Estonians abroad to take part in the survey. As it is difficult to assess the exact number and locations of compatriots, we are asking all respondents to distribute the form among their fellow Estonians – family members, friends and acquaintances living abroad,” Kaldur added.

The survey will be conducted mostly online; however, it is also possible to collect answers by telephone and/or printed forms, subject to request. The survey can be completed at https:// until 25 September.

This year’s survey, co-launched by the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Culture, is the most extensive survey mapping the attitudes and needs of the Estonian community abroad so far. It follows up on the pilot survey conducted last year by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that mapped, among other things, the satisfaction of people connected to Estonia with consular services.

The survey is carried out by a team of the Institute of Baltic Studies with the Center for Applied Anthropology of Estonia.

Read more about the survey of Estonian communities abroad and the Estonia diaspora on the website of the survey