Webinar: U.S. Grocery Retail Industry and Opportunities for Baltic CPG (consumer packaged goods) Brands

Time : 15. June 2021 at 10 AM EST

Organizer : Enterprise Estonia

Who – Estonian Manufacturers of CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) brands


  •  Overview of US grocery retail market
  • Covid 19 and US grocery industry
  • US national retail chains as major industry players
  • Supply chain specifics in the U.S. grocery retail
  • Market trends
  • Opportunities for Baltic manufacturers

Agenda Speaker Amalia Ghukasyan, founder and CEO of Rosewalk Global.Rosewalk Global is a California based independent advisory firm helping foreign businesses launch into the U.S. market. The company works with manufacturers from scratch and guides through all stages of expanding in the world’s leading consumer market. The company has established headquarter relations with biggest retail chains and distributors in the US and provides sales leadership to emerging brands.

Moderator James S. York, Export Adviser in US, Enterprise Estonia.

Conditions for participation

Webinar is free  of charge but registration before the event is needed.

Webinar is financed by European Regional Development Fund.