Join us on June 3 at 12 PM EDT (GMT-4) for the e-Estonia Digital Discussion on e-Health

This is an unparalleled opportunity to gather ideas, meet experts, and build business relationships with Estonia’s top e-Health practitioners. These companies have created and commercialized a number of solutions both in the private sector and in partnership with the government.


Six leading Estonian digital transformation and smart healthcare companies – Nortal, Helmes, Viveo Health, Guardtime, Cybernetica, and Certific present their digital healthcare solutions and talk about how Estonia’s e-health infrastructure has helped the country to cope with the COVID-19.

The Keynote speaker of the event is Toomas Hendrik Ilves, former President of the Republic of Estonia. Two panel discussions follow presentations. The event’s moderators are our Digital Transformation Advisers, Ms. Anett Numa and Mr. Florian Marcus. Attendees of our Digital Discussion will get the chance to post all their queries during the panels.

About the companies:

Nortal, Taavi Einaste, Partner

Nortal is a global digital transformation powerhouse of over 1000 experts in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East. They are known for being one of the principal architects behind Estonia’s transformation into a globally renowned digital state. Nortal’s vision is to create a seamless society by helping leading governments, healthcare institutions, and businesses around the world to simplify and optimize complex processes.

Viveo Health, Gomti Shankar, Chief Revenue Officer

Viveo Health is an award-winning e-health startup whose mission is to bring digital health to 1 billion people by 2025. Viveo provides the most straightforward digital health marketplace allowing Doctors and Patients to connect at any time, from everywhere. Viveo is currently present in 5 countries, with triple-digit growth rates every week, and it plans to finish 2021 with operations in 10 countries.


Helmes, Meelis Lang, CIO

Helmes is an international custom software development company, which builds complex systems that run today’s businesses and organizations. Throughout their 30-year history, they’ve served more than 500 companies, organizations, and government agencies.

Cybernetica, Kevin Tammearu, Head of Business Development for Data Exchange Technologies

Cybernetica, being one of the key partners in developing Estonian e-governance solutions, has over 20-years of expertise that ranges from digital identity technologies to secure data exchange, i-voting, information security, situational awareness, and more. Cybernetica’s secure data exchange and interoperability opens up time-critical data in healthcare and increases transparency around medical data through integrations with healthcare providers’ data repositories, patients’ medical records, and businesses’ services.


Guardtime, Ain Aaviksoo, Chief Medical Officer

Guardtime is Europe’s leading deep tech company founded in 2007 to support the Estonian Government in building a solution that would allow information and processes to be validated without centralized trust authorities. One of their flagship products is VaccineGuard – a distributed data exchange platform for vaccination campaign management that enables counterfeit and diversion detection, vaccine allocation prioritization, just-in-time stock and supply, pinpoint recall, and rapid adverse reaction detection.

Certific, Liis Narusk, Co-founder and CEO

Certific is a digital platform that enables certified remote medical testing at scale. Founded by researchers, tech experts, and entrepreneurs who wanted to help the world out of the year-long shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic by offering a trustable home-testing service. While bringing much-needed ease to the pandemic, Certific’s mission is to democratise medical testing – making it 10x cheaper, faster, and better.