“Let us salute!” #veteranchallenge

Since 1995, Estonian troops have been deployed to international operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Mali, Lebanon, Kosovo and elsewhere in defense of freedom and security of NATO, European Union and our allies. More than 300 Estonian servicemen and -women have been wounded, many of them severely. Eleven Estonian service members paid the ultimate sacrifice, while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. We will never forget Estonian troops and their families, and salute their bravery by wearing a Blue Hepatica pin during the month of April.

Since 2014, during the month of April the NGO Estonian Society of Wounded Soldiers in cooperation with the Women’s Voluntary Defense Organization carry out a charity campaign “Let us Salute!” The Two-Mile Blue Hepatica run has become a tradition of “Let us Salute!” campaign and last year took place for the first time also in Washington DC.
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we unfortunately cannot organize a run this year, but we are participating in the #veteranschallenge by completing a 2 minute push-up or sit-up challenge. The Estonian Embassy team has already completed the challenge over the weekend.You are more than welcome to join us! We are inviting Maryland National GuardKaitseministeerium and U.S. Embassy Tallinn, Estonia take the challenge and pass it forward!

More info: https://annameau.ee/en/