Estonia and Maryland signed a cooperation agreement

On 5 August the Estonian Ambassador to the United States Jonatan Vseviov signed the new Memorandum of Cooperation in Annapolis, with the aim of developing relations between Estonia and the Maryland state government.

“We have a long-running cooperation in security and defence with the state of Maryland and we are definitely interested in continuing our comprehensive cooperation with the United States, including on state level,” Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu said.

Although the close cooperation between Estonia and Maryland began in the early 1990s with military cooperation, links have now expanded to include many areas, such as education, cyber space, youth exchange and healthcare.

“It can be said that Estonia and the U.S. state of Maryland have a special relationship that includes both the practical as well as the symbolic. Much of that cooperation takes place on the level of citizens and thanks to help from volunteers. The signed and updated memorandum of cooperation sends a clear message: the cooperation between Estonia and Maryland is also important politically – both to us as well as the state,” Estonian Ambassador to the United States Jonatan Vseviov said.

Cooperation with Maryland helps us showcase Estonia in the U.S.A.; among other things, our close links with Maryland have inspired Maryland to take an interest in learning from Estonia’s experience with e-solutions, and, if possible, implementing them. Maryland is also a good launch pad for Estonian companies entering the U.S. market.


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