Connecting Estonia’s startups to the US business ecosystem

Proposal: 3-day visit to the Boston-Providence region in late March – early April.

Form to state your interest: link

Deadline: 17.02.2022– Boston (pop 4.9 million, $424bn GDP) – 2-2.5 days. strong deeptech, life sciences, robotics, and other ecosystems, universities (e.g. Harvard and MIT, but many others also), accelerators, investors (angels to VCs), and hundreds of top companies hungry for innovation
– Providence (pop 1.6 million, $88bn GDP) – 0.5-1 day. more manageable and cost-effective, with many of the same benefits as Boston and a short drive or train ride away for meetings and/or commuters
– strong Estonian supporters that can deeply connect visitors to the community

If there is interest in extending the visit to other geographies (eg. Philadelphia, Washington, NYC), that should be possible as part of a longer trip.

Focused Sectors:
As focused group visits have the greatest success, we are looking for companies from one or a few specific fields, in this case ideally from deeptechlife sciences/medtech.

Goal: to create a foundation of serious connections for Estonian companies.

These serious players include Corporations (large and small), Universities, Entrepreneurs and their networks, investors (angels, family offices, and VCs), Local, state, and federal governments for client, regulatory, and other meetings, and other clients, partners, potential employees, service providers (eg. accounting and law firms).

Stage – looking for companies that generally fall into 3 categories:
– Capitalized, with US market expansion/rollout strategy that is full developed (looking for clients, partners, and to create relationships with investors for future capital);
– Raising a funding round to fund expansion to the US – looking for investors and clients;
– Exploratory – creating a US market strategy.

How we help: Organize high-level meetings with local entrepreneurs, potential investors, government officials, potential clients, universities, and other partners. As part of this, we can arrange the logistics needed – meeting venues, housing, transportation, meals, etc.

Contact us: Please let us know your interest here by Thursday, February 17th, and we will be in touch shortly. If you have any questions, let our team at the Embassy ([email protected] and [email protected] ) know.

Note: You are welcome to flag your interest in other regions of the US for future planning purposes!