Blue Hepatica Run on April 28, 2019

On April 28, 2019 the first Blue Hepatica Run took place in Washington DC in support of the Estonian veterans.

Since 1995, Estonian troops have been deployed to international operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Mali, Lebanon, Kosovo and elsewhere in defense of freedom and security of NATO, European Union, United Nations and our allies. More than 300 Estonian servicemen and -women have been wounded, many of them severely. Eleven Estonian servicemembers paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To honor them and their families we wear a Blue Hepatica pin during the month of April and run the two mile “Blue Hepatica Run” to recognize their service. Donations raised during the campaign are used to purchase mobility aids and other rehabilitation equipment for the Estonian wounded troops.

The official results of the Washington’s two mile “Blue Hepatica Run” are available here. Congratulations to Heleene Tambet, who finished the race at 12:05 and won the first Washington’s Blue Hepatica Run!

In addition to the two mile run the participants also had the possibility to conduct army physical fitness test. The final results of the 2019 test (push-ups, sit-ups, 2 mile run) are:

Kallakas, Priit 299
Koomets, Erle 290
Sepper, Merike 280
Peeters, Kadri 274
Mandel, Helen 268
Miller, Anthony 258
Kotila, Andrew 258
Vosman, Andres 253
Henneman, Merike 252
Grabbi, Karl 249
Kallakas, Triin 223
Juust, Mathias 218
Vosman, Mia 208
Koplimaa, Marko 204
Henneman, Matt 200
Frey, Einar 183
Rommels, Erich 180
Vosman, Els 164
Babajev, Moha 150
Henneman, Gabe 78

Congratulations to army physical fitness test winner Priit Kallakas!

We thank all participants for supporting Estonian troops!