Estonian passports and ID cards

ID card

  • Both children and adults can renew their ID card by post, since fingerprints are not needed. If you order the documents by post you have to pay the state fee “In Estonia”
  • If you use Estonian e-services (ID card, mobile ID or Estonian online banks) you can submit your application at Police and Border Guard’s online service center. This is the cheapest and quickest option to renew your documents.
  • ID card will not be sent by post, it has to be picked up in person at the Embassy or at Honorary Consul’s.


  • Passports for children over 12 years of age and adults can be ordered by post  or online, if less than 5 years have passed since giving fingerprints.
  • If your fingerprints are no longer valid, then you can apply for a new passport at the Embassy or apply online and give your fingerprints at the Embassy.
  • Passport for a child under 12 can be ordered by post.
  • Passport will not be sent by post, it has to be picked up in person at the Embassy or at Honorary Consul’s.

When you’re applying for the first document you have to add:

  • Birth certificate (with both parents names on it) with an apostille
  • Additional form
  • Only in the case of a child: if both parents are not Estonian citizens then other parent’s written consent (22 KB, DOC) and copy of passport.


From April 29, 2019 only digital photos are accepted. Before coming to apply for documents the photo has to be sent to e-mail, adding applicant’s name and personal identification code/ date of birth. Please e-mail your digital photo yourself, do not bring it to the Embassy. No photos can be made at the Embassy.

Paper photos will be accepted under special circumstances, but if it is impossible to obtain a high quality scan of the photo the citizen has to provide a digital photograph.

Requirements for document photograph are listed on the homepage of Police and Border Guard Board. Photos made at home with personal cameras or smartphones are accepted.

What to remember when you come to apply for a passport / ID card at the Embassy:

  • Always make an appointment.
  • Fill out the standard application form (in English, in Estonianin Russian).
  • Make sure that you e-mailed your digital photo to
  • In case of change of name: a copy of your spouse’s passport and your Marriage Certificate with an apostille .
  •  State fee in cash. Exact sum of state fee depends on EUR- USD exchange rate.


„As an exception, it is possible to apply for a passport without fingerprint images, if:

  • you have been previously issued Estonian citizen passport or ID-card and
  • you are staying in a foreign country, where there is no foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia, or where it is unproportionally burdensome for you to contact a foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia.

You can apply as an exception for a passport without fingerprint image valid for one year  ONLY  by post or by e-mail to Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.

Please send documents required for application and copies of the original documents to the address:

Police and Border Guard Administration
Pärnu mnt 139
15060 Tallinn

Please submit a written explanation or other evidence concerning the reason for the necessity to issue a passport without fingerprint images, together with an explanation of why it is not possible for you to apply for a passport according to  ordinary procedures.“